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    Default Application Guidelines and Information!

    Welcome to the Rare Breed Gaming Forums! This post will explain everything you need to know to post an application and get accepted into Rare Breed.

    You must fit the criteria below to post an application:

    1.) You must be at the age of 14 or above. (Certain exceptions will be made)
    2.) You cannot be in another clan or community.
    3.) You must be able to stay active in our game servers and in Team Speak.
    4.) You must be mature and respectful.

    If you fit the criteria above you can continue and follow the steps below.

    First you need to register on the forums (If you haven't already)
    Next copy and paste the application template below in a new thread HERE.

    Application Template:
    In-Game Name:
    Steam ID:
    Games I play:
    Do You Have A Microphone?:

    First Name:

    How did you hear about RB?:
    Do you have TeamSpeak 3?:
    Have you ever been VAC banned?:

    Why I should be accepted:


    How to Pages:
    Find your SteamID
    Install TeamSpeak 3

    If you need help applying please add [RB] Lance or [RB] Wiggles on Steam.
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