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    Default Application Information! READ THIS FIRST!

    Welcome to the Rare Breed Gaming Forums!

    Before you can submit an membership application you need to or register on the forums (If you haven't already)

    If you are already registered CLICK HERE TO APPLY

    Application tags:

    [PENDING] When you post your application pending is set automatically.

    [ACCEPTED ] Your application for RB has been accepted and you may now wear the [RB] tags.

    [REAPPLY] Your application has been denied for now, you may re-post your application in 30 days.

    [DENIED] If your application was marked with this tag your application for RB has been denied, the exact reason can be found in your application thread. You may re-apply for RB in one year.

    How to Pages:
    Find your SteamID
    Install TeamSpeak 3

    If you need help applying please add one of the following people on Steam:

    [RB] Aero
    [RB] Lance
    [RB] Wiggles
    [RB] Crossfire
    [RB] Wakk
    [RB] Kainen
    [RB] Storm
    [RB] C.J.
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