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    Default Member Application Information! READ THIS FIRST!

    Welcome to the Rare Breed Gaming Forums!

    Before you can submit a membership application you need to or register on the forums (If you haven't already)

    If you are already registered CLICK HERE TO APPLY

    Application tags:

    [PENDING] When you post your application pending is set automatically. Check your application for more information.

    [ACCEPTED ] Your application for RB has been accepted and you may now wear the [RB] tags.

    [REAPPLY] Your application has been denied for now, you may re-post your application in 30 days.

    [DENIED] If your application was marked with this tag your application for RB has been denied, the exact reason can be found in your application thread. You may re-apply for RB in one year.

    How to Pages:
    Find your SteamID
    Install TeamSpeak 3

    If you need help applying please add one of the following people on Steam:

    [RB] Aero
    [RB] Lance
    [RB] Wiggles
    [RB] Blaster Guardian
    [RB] Kainen
    [RB] Spicyshart
    [RB] Ronnye
    [RB] C.J.
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